Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile SMOT-GLS-AKOPEAHEX6MM

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  • Primary Color(s): White-Warm
  • Chips per Sheet: 16
  • Material Type: Glass
  • Size: 3″ Hexagon
  • Environmental: Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Enhance the ambiance of your space with the timeless beauty of Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile. This exquisite glass mosaic offers a modern twist on the classic hexagon shape, showcasing a captivating blend of dusty blues, creamy whites, and soft greys. Whether adorning your kitchen backsplash, fireplace façade, shower surround, or bathroom vanity wall, this mosaic tile will transform any area into a visual masterpiece.

Not only does Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile exude style and elegance, but it also boasts remarkable durability and low maintenance. Designed to withstand the test of time, this tile is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Its glass construction adds a touch of brilliance and reflects light beautifully, creating a luminous and inviting atmosphere.

The convenience of installation is also a key feature of Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile. The tiles are strategically arranged on mesh-backed sheets, allowing for simplified installation and ensuring a professional and seamless appearance.

Elevate your space with the contemporary colors and exquisite craftsmanship of Akoya Pearl 3″ Hexagon Mosaic Tile. Let its warm and inviting tones bring a touch of sophistication to your home or commercial project. Experience the beauty and versatility of this stunning mosaic tile and create a space that is truly captivating.

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