MSI Everlife Trecento XL Kenzzi Taza VTRXLKENTAZA18X36-5MM-12MIL Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

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  • 5MM thickness (4mm SPC + 1mm IXPE Underlayment)
  • Pre-Attached IXPE Underlayment
  • Click Tap/Angle Glueless Locking System
  • Superior Dent and Impact Resistance
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Lifetime Residential/10-Year Light Commercial Warranty
  • Certifications – NSF Certified, Greenguard Gold, FloorScore, USGBC LEED Certified
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Indulge in the lavishness of classic European design with the Kenzzi Taza Luxury Vinyl Tile. It’s not just flooring; it’s an artistic statement, merging the elegance of yesteryears with the durability of modern-day craftsmanship.

Taking cues from the picturesque encaustic tiles that graced the palatial floors of Europe, Kenzzi Taza provides an opulent touch without the associated price tag or maintenance challenges. Its stark white backdrop accentuated by the intricate vintage black stamp design infuses spaces with a regal charm, reminiscent of historical European castles and villas.

Beyond its striking aesthetics, Kenzzi Taza offers homeowners a perfect blend of form and functionality. Being 100% waterproof, it effortlessly stands against common household spills, ensuring your floors retain their elegance, come rain or shine. The added protection of CrystaLux™ is like an invisible shield, fortifying the tile against the relentless challenges of daily wear and tear, ensuring that its beauty remains unblemished over time.

Each tile is innovatively designed with a 1MM pre-attached backing, providing an additional layer of sound protection. This thoughtful addition ensures that every step you take resonates with softness, making your home a serene oasis.

The PietraTech™ polish, exclusive to MSI, gives Kenzzi Taza its mesmerizing porcelain-like texture. This polish does not just amplify its visual appeal but also ensures that the tile feels as premium as it looks.

Installation? It’s a breeze! With its patented locking system, you can easily fit Kenzzi Taza in place, without any hassles. And with the “no acclimation” technology, this flooring champions immediacy, letting you transform your spaces instantly, as soon as you bring it home.

Its generously large size, 18×36, is perfect for those looking to make bold statements. Every tile effortlessly covers more area, giving rooms a spacious feel while minimizing visible seams.

Whether you’re looking to grace your bedroom with a touch of vintage opulence, make your hallway an artful passage, or elevate your living room’s aesthetic, Kenzzi Taza Luxury Vinyl Tile is the answer. Here’s a flooring that doesn’t just cover spaces; it adorns them.

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