MSI Everlife Luxury Vinyl T-mold Transition Strip – 94″ Length

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These top-tier T-moldings are purposefully designed to effortlessly transition between floors of equal heights. With a standard size of 1.77″ in width, 0.28″ in height, and a generous 94″ in length, these moldings ensure an easy installation process as they smoothly snap into the provided plastic strip.

One distinctive characteristic of our T-molding is the lip on both sides that comfortably sits over the vinyl, making room beneath for the expansion gap. This is perfect for scenarios where you have vinyl flooring in adjacent rooms separated by a doorway, or any instance where two differing floor surfaces of the same height converge.

For the T-molding installation, it’s advisable to leave a 1 1/8″ gap between the two floors. Always ensure accurate measurements and trim the molding to guarantee an impeccable fit. As you position the track, remember to center it amidst the flooring, ensuring a 1/4″ space between the track and the floor planks. For a sturdy finish, you can choose to either screw the track into the floor or utilize construction adhesive for a strong bond.

The molding fitting process is straightforward. Start at one end and methodically press the molding into the track, advancing along its length until it’s completely inserted, achieving a harmonious flow between the two floors.

For any inquiries or confusion about the ideal molding for your needs, please don’t think twice about getting in touch with us. Our committed team is always ready to offer their expertise. Feel free to engage in a chat with us or dial our customer service hotline at 844-674-3566.

Special Features:

What differentiates our moldings? They are crafted by MSI, ensuring impeccable color synchronization with their brand of flooring. Avoid the inconvenience of settling for similar moldings elsewhere; with MSI T-moldings, you can effortlessly achieve a perfect shade and color harmony from the same manufacturer of your floors.

Kindly note that while our moldings are tailored to closely complement our flooring, they might not be exact replicas. Due to the intricacies involved in producing transitions, obtaining an “exact match” is challenging. We prioritize color coordination, making sure the moldings accentuate the flooring optimally. Do understand that all moldings are tailored upon order, hence they cannot be returned or refunded.


You can take solace in the fact that MSI T-moldings are backed by the same warranty as their corresponding floor. For a thorough rundown on the warranty provided by the manufacturer, kindly refer to the MSI flooring warranty specifics.

To preserve the warranty’s validity, it’s paramount to install and upkeep the molding as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Do note that this warranty is exclusively for the initial end-consumer and cannot be transferred.


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