MSI Woodhills Bali Buff VTWBALBUF6.5X48-7MM Oak Waterproof Wood Flooring

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  • 8mm thickness (7mm SPC with hardwood veneer + 1mm Premium Waterproof Pad underlayment)
  • Pre-Attached Premium Waterproof Pad Underlayment
  • Patented Locking System
  • Superior Dent and Impact Resistance
  • Lifetime residential warranty, 20 year light commercial warranty, 15 year commercial warranty
  • Certifications – Greenguard Gold, FloorScore Certified
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Experience the finesse of Bali Buff, an exquisite selection from the distinguished Everlife® Woodhills® Collection. With a rich fusion of creamy beige tones, lightly interspersed knots, and delicate graining, it evokes an airy and sophisticated ambiance that elevates any indoor space.

Perfectly suited for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, the Bali Buff offers elegance without the worry. This 6.5″ x 48″ waterproof flooring combines the authenticity of a wood top with the robustness of a stone-based core. A pre-attached 1MM pad enhances underfoot comfort and reduces noise, ensuring a serene environment.

Bali Buff also incorporates MSI’s groundbreaking DryLuxe™ technology, making it entirely waterproof and worry-free. Its high durability is further enhanced by CrystaLux Ultra™, a proprietary finish that creates a superior protection layer. This fortified surface helps resist daily wear, contributing to the flooring’s long-lasting nature.

This flooring comes with an accessible patented locking system for effortless installation. And, the comprehensive warranty package – lifetime for residential use, 20 years for light commercial, and 15 years for commercial settings – serves as a testament to its quality and durability.

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