Abatec Underlayment

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  • Adaptable for Various Surfaces: Suitable for both concrete and wood substrates, irrespective of their position above or below grade. Additionally, it’s perfect atop radiant heated floors.
  • Built-in Moisture Defense: With its inherent moisture barrier, there’s no need for supplemental films. This function safeguards the floor from potential moisture-induced damage.
  • Superior Sound Management:
    • Delta IIC Rating of 26: Indicates excellent sound transfer prevention between rooms.
    • IIC Sound Rating of 72: Measures impact sound reduction, showcasing superior sound insulation.
    • STC Rating of 66: Evaluates airborne sound absorption, promoting a quieter environment.
  • Effortless Installation: Designed for convenience, Abatec rolls out smoothly, ensuring a quick and error-free setup.
  • Durable Foundation: Thin yet robust fibers crafted to fortify all luxury vinyl and multi-layered floors.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Comprising recycled fibers, Abatec excels in sound dampening and supports eco-friendly building practices.
  • Enhanced Flooring Experience: Gives click-together floating floors a solid and premium feel underfoot.
  • Heat System Compatible: Works seamlessly with underfloor heating systems, ensuring uniform heat distribution.
  • Coverage: Each individual box covers an area of 100 square feet, allowing for precise purchasing.
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Lay a solid foundation for your MSI Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring with Abatec underlayment. Designed with precision and a focus on stability, this underlayment is more than just a barrier between the subfloor and your new flooring.

Abatec takes the functionality of underlayments to new heights. One of its most notable features is its ability to prevent the vinyl planks from shifting or sliding, ensuring that your floor remains as perfect as the day it was installed. The enhanced grip it provides forms a stable base, granting homeowners the peace of mind that their floor won’t be prone to misalignments or gaps over time.

A home is meant to be a sanctuary, and unwanted noise can disrupt that tranquility. With Abatec, every step you take is cushioned and muted, reducing the audible footfalls and lending a quieter, more serene ambiance to your space. Whether you’re tip-toeing to the kitchen for a midnight snack or have kids running around, the noise dampening feature of this underlayment ensures that the sound of footsteps remains subdued.

But Abatec’s prowess doesn’t end there. Subfloors, especially in older homes, can be riddled with minor bumps, dents, or imperfections. These irregularities, though minor, can affect the final look of your luxury vinyl flooring, causing unsightly rises or depressions. Abatec comes to the rescue with its shock-absorbing properties, acting like a cushion that evens out these minor flaws, ensuring your vinyl flooring lays flat and smooth, presenting a flawless finish.

In essence, Abatec underlayment is more than just a protective layer; it’s an assurance. An assurance that your MSI Rigid Core luxury vinyl flooring not only looks impeccable but also performs at its best, offering durability, stability, and comfort. When you choose Abatec, you’re investing in a foundation that ensures your flooring stands the test of time, looks stunning, and feels comfortable underfoot.