MSI Everlife Luxury Vinyl Flush Stair Nose Molding – 94″ Length

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Introducing these vinyl-wrapped MSI moldings, featuring a waterproof plastic core that ensures durability and resilience. These moldings are designed with precision, measuring 2.75″ on the top and 0.75″ on the overhang, with a generous length of 94″. Installation is a breeze as they easily snap into the included plastic strip, providing a secure and hassle-free fit.

Our flush stair nose molding is the perfect choice to create a sleek and seamless look from step to step. This molding elegantly rounds over the edge of each step while sitting flush to the flooring, offering a visually appealing transition that enhances the overall aesthetic of your staircase. To install the flush stair nose molding, start by measuring the width of the step and cutting the molding to the appropriate length. Apply a generous bead of construction adhesive along the underside of the stair nose. Carefully roll the stair nose into place against the front of the step, ensuring a snug fit. Press down firmly over the entire stair nose to ensure proper adhesion. Allow the adhesive to cure according to the provided directions.

Please note that flush stair noses are recommended for use when the floor is being installed with a glue-down application. This ensures a secure and stable connection between the stair nose and the flooring.

Should you have any questions regarding the best molding option for your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide guidance and assistance. You can easily chat with us or call our customer service hotline at 844-674-3566.

Special Features:

What sets our moldings apart is their manufacturing by MSI, guaranteeing a perfect color match with their brand of flooring. Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting a look-alike molding. Instead, you can enjoy the convenience of choosing the ideal shade and color blend directly from the company that created your floors. With our moldings, you can confidently achieve a coordinated and harmonious look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.


Rest assured that our MSI moldings come with the same warranty as their paired floor. For detailed information about the manufacturer’s warranty, please refer to the MSI flooring warranty details.

To ensure the warranty remains valid, it is crucial to install the molding properly and maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance guide. Please note that the warranty is only applicable to the original end-consumer and is non-transferable. By following the recommended installation and maintenance practices, you can enjoy the full benefits of the warranty coverage.


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